Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter

Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter

The Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter originates from another US based company. Razor has been around for well over a decade. They are located in Cerritos, CA. They also have offices in other parts of the world such as Australia (Chadstone, Victoria) and the UK (Camberly, Surrey). Like its two other competitors, Swagway and Hoverboard, the Razor company proclaims the Hovertrax as the leading edge for self balancing scooters on the market.

In the case of the Razor Hovertrax self balancing scooter, the company doesn’t have an extended warranty on the product. If you have purchased an extended warranty, it must be honored by the store, it was purchased. For your records, save your original sales receipt with this manual and write the serial number below. In addition Razor states they are not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of this product.

Razor Limited Warranty

The warranty for the Hovertrax is 90 days from the date of the purchase. Razor stipulates the HOVERTRAX self balancing scooter is not covered for the following reasons: normal wear and tear, tires, tubes or cables. It won’t cover also any damage, loss / failure caused by improper assembly, maintenance and storage or use.

In addition, the warranty states that it will be voided if the board is ever used in a manner other than for recreation or transportation, modified in any way, or rented. So you can see that the warranty is very limited and also a short one.

Types of Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter

Razor has developed two types of self balancing scooters, last season. They were the Hovertrax and the Hovertrax DLX. There are not much difference between the two. The Hovertrax DLX comes with all the features of the Hovertrax, The difference resides with an increased top speed, a flashy smoke chrome finish and futuristic blue LED lights.

Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter

As mentioned above Razor has developed two prototypes of the self balancing scooters. Our review will focus on the Hovertrax. Razor has claimed its products are among the best. They are also rumored to sue any competitors selling the product under the Razor name to keep them from selling their own.

Below is a video on the Razor Self Balancing Scooter to see it at work.

Hovertrax Cost

The Hovertrax can be purchased online at a price of $499.00USD. This is by no means any more expensive than its competitors. Certain places like on Amazon may offer the “FREE SHIPPING” part, which you should be looking for. For orders over $35.00, FREE SHIPPING will be honored, so check for that note on the listing. What we can say is with cost comes quality and Razor provides sure quality with its Hovertrax and Hovertrax DLX models.

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Hovertrax Max Speed & Range

The max speed for the Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter is conservative at 6 mph (10km/hr.). This maximum speed could be the ideal speed, if speed is not what you are looking in a self balancing scooter. It may fit well for a kid who is just starting to ride the Hovertrax. When we say this, we mean it may be the perfect device for someone like a child at the ten to fourteen years-old range. It can also be the perfect speed for someone who will use it at the office, or just ride in a park.

As for the range, the Hovertrax will keep you rolling for 2 hours. Again, the range depend on the speed you will be riding at and the terrain you will be riding on. It is obvious that if you are going uphill a lot, more will be asked from your batter. in exchange , the battery won’t last as long. Same goes for the weight of the rider, A child weighing just under 100lbs. will undoubtedly require less strength from the battery.

Hovertrax Features


  • Up to 115 minutes of continuous use
  • Shatter-resistant polymer frame
  • Silent, dual hub motors with gyro sensor technology
  • Foot controlled, seamless maneuvering steering
  • Anti-slip foot platforms
  • Rubber wheels with aluminum hubs

The Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter is built with a few protection features. Lets, have a look at what they consist of:

Level alert: If the product is not level enough for the balancing feature to engage, the level indicator light will turn red and the product will not be operable until properly level.

Low or charging battery: The battery indicator light will indicate insufficient charge for operation by turning red.

Excessive angle shutoff: At excessively steep foot platform angles, the unit will stop powered operation.

Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter

Hovertrax DLX

Battery Concerns

The Razor Hovertrax and the Hovertrax DLX have not been involved with the earlier battery catching on fire before Christmas. That is great news! Razor takes a great pride to ensure the safety of its riders and have done the best quality control on their battery and wiring prior to leave their factory.

Battery Power and Recharging the Hovertrax

The Hovertrax scooter comes with a charger cord and a built-in LiFeP04 (lithium ion phosphate) battery pack. It is recommended to recharge the battery when first getting your Hovertrax. Some of the precautionary measures you should take when recharging your battery pack are: clean and dry location away from direct sunlight, flames or sparks.

The initial charge on the Hovertrax will take approximately 6 hours to get fully charged. Subsequent charges will average 4 hours of charging. Charging your self balancing scooter should be monitored periodically just to be on the safe side. The recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours.  Your razor Hovertrax Self balancing Scooter should always be in the OFF position when charging it.

The Hovertrax has three levels of battery strength indicator. They are:

  • Solid Green: Battery power level is 15 to 100 percent.
  • Flashing Green: Battery power level is 5 to 15 percent, recommend charging.
  • Solid Red: Battery power level is below 5 percent. Do not ride and charge immediately.

Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter Built-In Specifications

The Hovertrax comes in BLUE or RED. The high shiny smoke chrome finish model is the DLX model. The Razor Hovertrax self balancing scooter is built with a shatter-resistant polymer. The rubber wheels are also built with quality and resistance engineering. The Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter operates based on a smart balancing gyro-sensor technology. It allows the rider to easily master the control of the scooter with precision. Those movements are the result of a highly accurate stabilization and calibration technology unique to the Hovertrax.


  • Max: 220 lb
  • Max Speed of 6mph (10km/hr.)
  • Product Colors: Red, Blue
  • Lithium ion quick-charge battery pack
  • Battery power indicator, balance level indicator and charger included
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,738,278, Chinese Patent No. CN203158157
  • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice
  • No assembly required

Razor Hovertrax Pros

When we trialed the Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter and the Hovertrax DLX, we were amazingly surprised at how smooth it ran. Razor has been around for a long time in scooter building and when they designed the Hovertrax they made sure all aspects of safety were addressed. Compared to some of its competitors, the Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter was very quiet. Coupled to its quietness, we liked the safety approach Razor emphasized in its manual. They made sure to educate people who are new at riding the boards and that was very welcome.

Let’s have a look at the pros from our trial of the Razor Hovertrax:

  • Quick shipping within one to two day delivery;
  • Wide pedals with rubber matting to avoid slippage;
  • * Great range at 115 minutes;
  • Detailed and comprehensive Instruction Manual;
  • Safety focused instructions;
  • Customer Support adequate; and
  • ** U.S. based and established company.

*  The range of 115 minutes is not fixed and will depend on the weight of the rider, the terrain, the speed, the board maintenance and upkeep.

** Although the Razor company has offices in the U.S., some parts of the board are designed and constructed in China. We asked you exercise caution and inspect your board when purchasing it. Look for loose parts, loos wires especially around the battery pack and the wheels.

Razor Hovertrax Cons

Although the Razor Hovertrax Scooter a few cons, you may want to be aware, prior to purchase the board. These cons are in no way a show stopper as far as getting a Razor Hovertrax and if you feel the Hovertrax, this review is in no way intended to block any sales of the board. It is mainly a recommendation and for things to note. Below are a few negative things we picked up about the Hovertrax.

  • 6 inch wheel. We liked the 10″ wheel on other brands;
  • Only two colors available BLUE and RED;
  • Speed is approximately 6mph / 10km/hr.;
  • The charge time of 4 to 5 hours looks a bit long; and
  • Some parts are manufactured in China.

Like for all our reviews we have done, we strongly recommend to inspect your board thoroughly when you receive it. Look for loose pieces, and loose wires. Inspect your battery pack. Make sure your main parts are not cracked. Make sure that all your parts are there. Use your operator’s manual to refer.

Hovertrax by Razor

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