Powerboard Self Balancing Scooter

Powerboard Self Balancing Scooter

When looking at self balancing scooters, one of the good companies out there, is certainly the Powerboard self balancing scooter by the HOVERBOARD company. HOVERBOARD is a registered trademark used under license from GoPed Ltd. Like any device you would ride (ex; bicycle), these self balancing boards require mature coordination, agility, and balance. If you purchase this board or any other boards, you must use your best judgment to see if the person the hoverboard is intended for is physically fit and apt to ride the Powerboard safely.

Hoverboard is based out of ArizonaThe POWERBOARD self balancing scooter is a board capable to provide you with a lots of pleasure just riding along. Like Swagway, Hoverboard is a US based company. They are based out of Arizona, so beware of other boards pretending to be made by them that are not. Many copied models are made overseas and are not authentic.

The company provides insurance if requested, and also a warranty for up to one year, which is nice to have. Their instruction manual is also well laid out and pays a particular attention to safe riding, which is also useful for the new rider.

It is strongly recommended not to exceed the maximum weight of 220 lbs. (100kg.). Exceeding the max weight will lead to damage or failure of the self balancing board, which could eventually lead to injury. As well, it is strongly recommended to not carry items while riding. Carrying items will add to your weight that could exceed the maximum permitted.

The Powerboard like most of its competitors comes in various colors. Colors available are: White, Red, Blue, and Black. Ordering the Powerboard from the U.S. like from Amazon, will guarantee you that the product is from the U.S., which means it is new and of great quality. Furthermore, you will have the support needed backed by a one year warranty. All you have to do, if you encounter difficulties with the board is to call their customer service department.

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POWERBOARD Self Balancing Scooter Description

If you are looking for a top quality board for your child and even for adults, the POWERBOARD self balancing scooters fall under one of them. Let’s have a look at some of their specifications.

POWERBOARD Self Balancing Scooter Cost

Like most of its competitor the POWERBOARD price ranges around $500.00 without tax and shipping. Certain places like on Amazon may offer the “FREE SHIPPING” part, which you should be looking for. For orders over $35.00, FREE SHIPPING will be honored, so check for that note on the listing. What we can say is with cost comes quality and HOVERBOARD delivers greatly with its POWERBOARD model on quality.

POWERBOARD Max Speed and Range

The POWERBOARD hoverboard is not the fastest at a maximum speed of 5 mph / 8km/h. This maximum speed could be the ideal speed if speed is not what you are looking in a quality self balancing board. When we say this, we mean it may be the perfect device for someone like a child at the ten to fourteen years-old range. It can also be the perfect speed for someone who will use it at the office, or just ride in a park.

Powerboard Battery LED IndicatorAs for the range, we are talking on how long the charge lasts. Again like any other boards, the weight of the rider will have an effect on the speed and the range. You can also add the terrain to this as well. If you ride it uphill a lot, the battery will require more power and it may last for a lot less. HOVERBOARD describes the POWERBOARD battery to last 6 hours. You can expect to have on average a battery life of 4 to 5 hours. There is a battery indicator light which will lit GREEN when fully charged. The light is located in the middle between the pedals slightly to the right of the partition point. Finally the POWERBOARD self balancing scooter has a 1 Lithium ion battery and a full charge takes a full 1 hour.

Battery Concerns on the POWERBOARD

Great news!!! Of the self balancing scooters’ batteries that caught on fire recently, the POWERBOARD (from the U.S.) has not had any fire issues or explosion. Our recommendation would still be to first, make sure your POWERBOARD is coming from the U.S. and not overseas. Second, when receiving it, inspect your board and open it up to check its motor, battery, wires, casing, and the switches. Check for foreign language/symbols on labels inside the board. POWERBOARDs (from the U.S.) are quality built and the report on batteries catching on fire or even exploding is taken very seriously by all companies to ensure the safety of all involved with the board and where it is stored. Their battery cells are UL, CE and UN 38.3 Certified. The caution recommendation from us stems ONLY from the fact that it is still deemed “a new device”.

POWERBOARD Built Designs and Specifications

Powerboard Wide Pedals and LED Lights

Strong Built and Safe Threads

The POWERBOARD self balancing scooter by HOVERBOARD is built with quality in mind. With the aluminum alloy casing, the board can endure some bumps along the road even with someone’s weight near 200lbs. Technology was even applied to the tires. The self balancing scooter features airless rubber tire system and are well threaded to avoid any slips, especially on even smooth surfaces. The tires are a good size too perfect for the outside and it gives you a smoother ride overall.

The pads are threaded as well, to avoid any slips with wet shoes. This is a great feature for kids to get on it and not fall. They are also wide, which gives you the feeling of being more in control of the board when balancing. Because of the wide pads, it is easier to get on the board and off the board.

The weight of the board is exactly 26.47lbs. Its weight reflect the quality built of the balancing scooter, you are dealing with when getting on the POWERBOARD. It also features some nice LED indicator lights, that will flash depending on where you turn (left / right). They are bright and will definitely show your presence in darker areas.

The POWERBOARD self balancing scooter also comes with a charger cord and instruction manual focusing on safety and to care for your self balancing scooter.

Let’s have a snapshot look at the Features and Specifications:

  • Hard ABS Outer Body Casing;
  • Aluminum Wheels with Rubber Tires
  • Wide Pedals with Threading matting to avoid slips;
  • Airless Rubber System Tires;
  • Weight Limit: 220lbs. (98kg)
  • Speed: 1- 5 mph (1.6 – 8 km/h)*
  • Range: 4 to 5 hours
  • Charge Time: 1 Hour

* Note – the speed may vary slightly depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain you are riding on.

  • Battery: Top Quality Brand Lithium ion (Safety Standards Certified)
  • Size: 24.25w x 9.875h x 8.375d (inches)
  • Weight: 26.47lbs.


With the POWERBOARD self balancing scooter, HOVERBOARD has delivered a self balancing scooter of high quality. If bought in the U.S., your board should have the quality and safety, you expect. As mentioned before, any “new” device is always susceptible to have its quirks. It is understood that in a couple years many of the issues detected will be resolved. With HOVERBOARD, the pros outweighs the cons by a large margin. Below is a list of the pros found on the POWERBOARD self balancing scooter based on the various reviews and our own trial of it.

  • local company (US based);
  • quick shipping (must be ordered from the U.S. based company);
  • well laid out instruction (Instruction Manual is easy to read);
  • customer service;
  • one-year warranty (keep the documentation and receipt);
  • lengthy battery life (4 to 5 hours);
  • short charging period (1hr);
  • easy to hop on / off;
  • wide pedals with anti-slip rubber matting;
  • great selection of colors;
  • quality built with the aluminum alloy frame;
  • airless rubber tires system
  • speed reaches 6.5 mph (ideal for the younger ones);



As mentioned before, any “new” device is always susceptible to have its quirks. It is understood that in a couple years many of the issues detected will be resolved. it is important first that you make sure the POWERBOARD from HOVERBOARD is a not a company from overseas building a replica and selling it under the HOVERBOARD name. Below is a list of some of the issues encountered with the POWERBOARD.

  • scratches easily;
  • isolated cases of boards not assembled properly by the manufacturer;
  • costs

As we mentioned in our review of the Swagway X1, when you purchase your POWERBOARD self balancing scooter, it will be colorful and shiny. Don’t expect the self balancing board to stay that way for long. One way to alleviate this issue is to protect it with bumpers which can be sold separately. Bumpers for your POWERBOARD self balancing scooter can be found here.

Reports from some of the people that have bought the POWERBOARD, reported the board scratched easily and within no time. It can be expected but also corrected to some extent. Getting the cool “MightySkins” Protective Vinyl Skin Decals ordered and applied on your board will help cover any scratches. I would recommend the investment in durable bumpers.


Powerboard - 5


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